Community Employment Services

Community Employment Services provides a wrap around support program for individuals ages 14 and older who are seeking the opportunity to thrive through employment in their community. Our goal is to discover each client's passion, build upon their skills, obtain employment that satisfies their interests, and provide support until the client feels confident and successful. Under the Community Employment Services umbrella, we provide the following programs:  Pre-ETS Program,  Community Employment Program, and Extended Services Program. The Friendly Bean Cafe serves as a training site for real-world work experience. Each program is designed to help each client thrive in their transitional journey.

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Pre-Ets Program

Our Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) program is designed to work with students on Job Exploration Counseling, Counseling on Higher Education, Workplace Readiness Training (community based training with a job coach), and Instruction in Self-Advocacy. While working on these skills we are also working on transitioning them into employment after high school. We are currently serving students that are 18 - 22 in the Batesville, East Central, South Dearborn, and Lawrenceburg high schools. 

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Community employment Program

We are a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agency that provides amazing services to our clients! We currently have four highly trained Employment Consultants that work with each of their clients independently to learn their interest, goals, and motivation to work within their community. Once the client and Employment Consultant find the perfect fit for community employment; they pursue the job by filling out the application, prep for the interview, attend training, and continue on the job support until the client feels stable and ready to be on their own!   


Extended Services Program

Extended Services is the perfect solution for our clients that may need us a little longer than what VR can provide. This is a Medicaid Waiver service that allows us to continue to work with our client's in supporting them on the job, setting career goals, and helping them work towards meeting them.