August 2017 Newsletter

Staff newsletter

You are appreciated!!   September is the month in which DSP’s across the nation are given recognition and appreciation.  The agency is sponsoring an appreciation day that includes all staff and their family.  Thanks are extended to the team of managers and directors who are working on this.  It is a day planned just for you.

There is a path for growth and leadership in the agency and several have been promoted to other jobs.  To those, thanks for your leadership and commitment.  In a review of the August Changes:

  • Angie Dixon from Service Coordinator to Industrial Services Manager
  • Kayla Edgemon, from Quality Assurance Coordinator to Service Coordinator, replacing Angie.
  • Amy Jones, Service Coordinator to Community Connections Manager (Replacing Meredith Krause who resigned)
  • Kelsey Fullenkamp, Community Connections DSP to Service Coordinator, replacing Amy.
  • Erin Klump, hired as receptionist, replacing Cheri starts on September 5.  Please take time to introduce yourself as she has many faces to get to know.

Thanks to the managers and service coordinators who have been working together to ensure a smooth transition for families and clients.   If there are things that have fallen through the cracks in this or you note an area for improvement, please contact Monica McCory, Adult Services Director.

Budget update.

It took a lot of time, decision-making, and some angst, but the budget finally came together. From where we ended in June (at a negative $269,450) to the program budgets hammered out by the program directors and some fine tuning by Darryl,  the budget ended up cash positive at $7,917.00.

The 5% for all DSP’s is in the budget. As soon as approval is received from CMS and BDDS, and our plan of distribution submitted to BDDS, all is a go. Your patience and more patience and more on top of all that is so appreciated.  I nor all the CEO’s around the state did not imagine  that the legislature approving the allocation could become so complicated.


Just a reminder note that it is important to respond to HR very timely on enrollments and in response to things as FMLA.     There are many rules that we must be in compliance to, not only for the agency but for you in being eligible.  Late enrollments cost us a fine. 

lady bug.gif

Thanks to Brandy who was made aware of a grant opportunity and applied.  The agency received funding from REMC for the supplies needed to continue the tower gardens that are part of each LifeSkills program.   The Franklin County United Way also approved funding to have raised gardens built at that site. 

Thank youto all who helped in setting up and cleaning up and arranging to get people here and there.  It was quite aday with the 35 volunteers from Hillenbrand.


FYI…The third Friday of September has been designated by the US Congress as National POW/MIA Recognition Day.  In Indiana, under a Senate Resolution, we are to fly the flag for 51 days.  On day for each soldier from Indiana that is a POW/MIA.  Kathy, Rest Area Manager, is making sure the flag will be flying.   Thanks Kathy

Jimmy Ryan