Pre-Ets School Survey *
Pre-Ets School Survey
Please help us make our program better. Your answers will help us going forward
The Pre-ETS Career Coach is present on scheduled days or communicates absence in a timely manner.
I am satisfied with the Pre-ETS Career Coach efforts in developing my student's skills for job readiness.
The Pre-ETS Career Coach provided measurable outcome assessments that were valuable to the students.
The Pre-ETS Career Coach presented him/herself in a professional manner.
The Pre-ETS Career Coach is respectful and patient with the students.
Students had the opportunity to explore many different job and/or Post Secondary options that interested them.
The Pre-ETS Career Coach represented our school and NHR in a positive manner in the community.
I feel the Pre-ETS Career Coach is properly trained.
I would recommend New Horizons to others seeking an agency to support them.